[iphone, app] Erasmus TU Graz #AppDevelopment #iOS #tugraz

iPhone App Erasmus TU GrazIm Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2016” hat man eine App für die Erasmusstudierenden erstellt. Wir hoffen, dass damit der Anfang leichter ist an der TU Graz:

Erasmus TU is the perfect app for all new international students at TU Graz. Find all the basic information about paper work, university and free time! Insert your country of origin and the length of your stay to get a personalized Must Do List with all the paper work you need to do and a complete explanation of when/where/how to do it. Visa, Meldezettel… everything explained in an easy check list! You can also get the basic information about the university thanks to our TU guide. Campus and international office information, how to register for the courses and more is available in Erasmus TU. Also, useful information about your stay is available. This includes how to find accommodation, which bank or phone company to choose… A good international experience is also based on how you spend your free time. With Erasmus TU you can find information about restaurants, bars, sports… No matter which program you are following or how long you are staying in Graz, this app is for you!

[Link zur App]