[iphone] TUKey – Secure Password Manager #iphone #app

Secure Password ManagerIm Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2015” wurde auch ein Passwortmanager fürs iPhone entwickelt – nicht uninteressant für den alltäglichen Gebrauch:

TUKey saves your login informations in an easy and secure way. You choose one master key to access all your credentials. The data is stored encrypted on your device and can be synchronized via iCloud with all your devices. TUKey allows you to generate secure passwords and store them. Your stored data can only be accessed using the master key.
The TUKey Safari extension allows you to retrieve your stored credentials and fills them in.

  • Free and secure password manager
  • Data gets encrypted and is stored on your device
  • Password generator for creating secure passwords
  • Safari extension to easily access your login information – iCloud synchronization between your devices
  • One master key for all devices

This application has been developed for the “Mobile Applications” lecture at the Graz University of Technology.

[Link zur App]