[mooc] Chefs in future integrated health care #imoox #medunigraz

It’s a pleasure to announce the start of the MOOC “Chefs in future integrated health care” at our platform iMooX.at

Course information:
The promotion of active and healthy ageing throughout the „whole life course“ represents an essential objective of today’s society. There is growing recognition that robust health promotion strategies are needed to prevent and postpone age-related diseases, which in turn can affect the functionality and independent living. Within this context, a healthy, tasty and adequate needs-based diet is an effective strategy to combat or delay malnutrition, sarcopenia and frailty, thus improving people’s quality of life and preventing older adults from morbidity and disability. The quality, taste and composition of food not only influence nutritional intake and consumption, but also the quality of life of patients and elderly people itself. Especially in health and social care, factors such as the age of the individual person, disease-related conditions, as well as the quality, nutritional value and taste of food served should be given great consideration to ensure adequate nutrition for patients. Consequently, the meals offered ought to satisfy quality standards as well as provide individual nutritional requirements, taking food preferences and individual problems with food intake into account.
Due to the increasing relevance of the profession of chefs in this context and especially for the future nutrition care team in the setting of social and health care (e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, home care), the aim is to close current qualification gaps of this professional occupation through a pilot course and the present MOOC.

As usual all courses at iMooX.at are for free – so feel welcome to register here: [starting page of the course]

[mooc] Transcultural Robots in Health and Social Care #imoox

We are happy to announce that the MOOC “Transcultural Robots in Health and Social Care” startet at iMooX.at and you can join this exciting content for free.

Welcome, and thank you for joining this online course (MOOC). Whether you are a health or social care worker, a student of these fields or other related fields, or you simply wish to improve your knowledge and skills about socially assistive artificially intelligent robots in health and social care (HSC) environments, you are in the right place!

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