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[publication] Trends Discovery in the Field of E-Learning with Visualization

Our publication about „Trends Discovery in the Field of E-Learning with Visualization“ at this year ED-Media Conference is now online.

In this paper we have performed a content analysis using a collection of papers from Ed-Media conferences archive. Various current trends in research topics, change of interest in contributions from across the world in the field of e-learning have been described using our internally built visualization tool. This visualization tool reveals the evolution or decline of research themes, hot research topics and key researchers across the world. In addition to this, evolution of countries, continents and institutions across research topics has been described as well.

Reference: Khan, M. S., Ebner, M., Maurer, H. (2009) Trends Discovery in the Field of E-Learning with Visualization, Proceedings of 21st ED-Media Conference (2009), S. 4408 – 4413; World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications
Here you will get the publication.