[publication] Using learning analytics to improve the educational design of MOOCs #MOOC #imoox

Our article about “Using learning analytics to improve the educational design of MOOCs” got published now in the International Journal of Education and Learning.

In recent years, the interest in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Learning Analytics research have highly increased in the areas of educational technologies. The emergence of new learning technologies requires new perspectives on Educational Design. When the areas of MOOCs, Learning Analytics and Instructional Design developed, the interest and connection between these three concepts became important for research. Learning Analytics provides progress information and other individualized support in MOOC settings where teachers are not able to provide learners with individual attention, which would be possible in a traditional face-to-face setting. Through collective views over the learning process, the overall progress and performance are indicated. Moreover, results can lead to Educational Design improvements. Every time a learner interacts with the system, data is created and collected. Many Educational Designers do not take advantage of this data and thereby, losing the possibility to impact the course design in a powerful way. This research work strongly focuses on the implication of Learning Analytics for Educational Design in MOOCs. Many methods and algorithms are used in the analytical learning process in MOOCs. Currently, a great variety of learning data exists. First, well-known Instructional Design patterns from different models were collected and listed. In a second step, through the collected data is used to point out which of these patterns can be answered by using Learning Analytics methods. The findings of the study show that it is possible to better understand which environments and experiences are best suited for learning by analyzing students’ behaviors online. These results have great potential for a rapidly and easier understanding and optimization of the learning process for educators.

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Reference: Khalil, H., Ebner, M., & Leitner, P. (2022). Using learning analytics to improve the educational design of MOOCs. International Journal of Education and Learning, 4(2), 100-108. doi:https://doi.org/10.31763/ijele.v4i2.641