[webinar] Learning and instruction videos: design, production, use #tugraz #eduhub

In July I will give a short webinar about „Learning and instruction videos: design, production, use“ based on our long tradition in doing videos especially for the MOOC-platform iMooX.at:

The talk comes up with the topic of learning and instruction videos and shows the current forms of application. Different formats as well as creation possibilities are presented, which can be converted by today’s technologies partly also with manageable financial resources. In addition, theoretical approaches concerning the instructional design are addressed. In order to facilitate the production of learning and instructional videos in the future, a template for the development of learning and instructional videos, the „Learning-Video-Canvas“, shows how to approach the planning of video projects for learning issues.

The participation is free and I like to thank the eduhub-community for hosting this talk: [Free registration for the webinar]

[webinar] OER in secondary and higher education in Austria #OER

This is just a short invitation to a webinar I will give on 1st March 2018 at eduhub about „OER in secondary and higher education in Austria„:

In this short talk an overview of the latest OER-activities will be given with a special focus on secondary and higher education. First of all, the results of the nationwide working group on OER for higher education under guidance of the association „Forum Neue Medien in der Lehre“ will be presented: The general recommendations of OER usage as well as the final concept of OER-certification for higher education institutions.

Finally also the new research study on „school books as OER“ done by Salzburg Research, the University of Innsbruck and Graz University of Technology will be introduced. There an overview about the state of the art has been given to develop new business models how OER-school-books can be used in the future.

[Link to the webinar]

[webinar] First Experiences with iMooX #imoox

I was invited by EduHub to give a webinar about our experiences with iMooX. So I am happy if you would join my session on 7th of May 2015 online. Here you will find all details.

In this webinar we like to introduce iMooX, the first and sole MOOC-platform in Austria. iMooX was launched in March 2014 and till today 9 different MOOCs are hosted on it. This talk addresses the first evaluation results done by online surveys and learning analytics. Furthermore, we will point out why the combination of Open Educational Resources and Open Online Courses is a necessity for tomorrow’s education.

[presentation] First Experiences with iMooX – an Austrian wide MOOC Platform

We got an invitation to introduce iMooX at the 3rd SIG meeting of Eduhub. Here you can find the whole program of the meeting:

In the 3rd SIG meeting we will focus on MOOC platforms. We will discuss questions such as the aspects that need to be considered when choosing a MOOC platform. We will compare existing MOOC platforms concerning their features and costs. Privacy issues in MOOCs are also a topic that we will look at: Who owns the data and what is done with it? In a final step we will consider questions such as creating a SwissMOOC platform in terms of benefits and costs, and discuss a possible “MOOCization” of existing LMS such as Moodle.