[publication] iPad Human Interface Guidlines for M-Learning

Our contribution to the Handbook of M-Learning is now published. Toegehter with Sabrina (she is also author of the book “iPad in Classrooms“) I wrote about our experiences with iPads in schools. The result is just a checklist we have to bear in mind if we are going to lecture.

In this chapter it will be discussed whether and to what extend the development of iPad/iPhone apps for learning and teaching, following the Human Interface Guidelines, really improves individual learning and teaching success. There is a strong relationship between good interface design and the ease-of-use of learning apps. Through careful user observations of students’ and teachers’ needs we provide a first guideline of how to use tablets in classrooms.

iPad Human Interface Guidelines for M-Learning by Martin

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Reference: Huber, S., & Ebner, M. (2013). iPad human interface guidelines for m-learning. In Z.L. Berge and L.Y. Muilenburg (Eds.), Handbook of mobile learning. (pp. 318-328). New York: Routledge.