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We are very proud that we can announce another research article about our successful Learning Analytics project titled “Students in Focus – Moving Towards Human-Centred Learning Analytics“. It got published with the book Practicable Learning Analytics.

Human-centred design is a well-established approach within research fields such as human-computer interaction, ergonomics, and human factors. Recently Learning Analytics (LA) researchers and practitioners have manifested great interest in exploring methods and techniques associated with this approach to manage the design process in ways that can enhance human interaction with LA technology. The project “Learning Analytics – Students in Focus” aims to use student-related data to support the learning and teaching process in a higher educational context. Our interdisciplinary team investigates LA tools that leverage students’ academic success by acquiring or developing self-regulated learning skills. We adopted a Human-Centred Learning Analytics (HCLA) approach involving students, teachers, and other educational stakeholders in the iterative design of our LA tools. This article contributes to the discussion on how to design LA tools using a human-centred approach. We describe the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation process of three LA tools comprised in our students’ dashboard, i.e., the planner, the activity graph, and the learning diary. In addition, we present key results gained in several empirical studies which had an implication on the tools’ design. Finally, we provide insights about our experience with the HCLA approach, pointing out benefits and limitations in practice.

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Reference: Barreiros, C., Leitner, P., Ebner, M., Veas, E., Lindstaedt, S. (2023). Students in Focus – Moving Towards Human-Centred Learning Analytics. In: Viberg, O., Grönlund, Å. (eds) Practicable Learning Analytics. Advances in Analytics for Learning and Teaching. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-27646-0_5