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[publication] Introducing Augmented Reality at Secondary Colleges of Engineering

At this year International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education we did a publication about the use of augmented reality in classrooms. The slides have already been published here.


In Austria there is a unique curriculum of technical education which is taught at Federal Secondary Colleges of Engineering (HTL). Despite mechanical engineering design with industrial standard 3D programmes being state of the art, techniques like Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR) are still at the beginning. This paper describes the introduction of an IoT platform at Austrian HTLs with focus on Augmented Reality. In addition, a survey among students has been undertaken to get knowledge of whether students are familiar with and interested in using AR technologies and the results are presented in this paper.

[publication @ ResearchGate]

Reference: Probst, A., Ebner, M. (2018) Introducing Augmented Reality at Secondary Colleges of Engineering. Proceeding of International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, p. 6., London

Piccadilly Circus

Moblog vom Nokia N95:

Piccadilly Circus

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[video] London in 3328 Bilder

Passend zum Sonntag ein kleiner Ausflug nach London:

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