[itunesU] Medical Informatics

A new lecture series has been started in iTunesU of Graz University of Technology: Medical Informatics. At the beginning the whole lecture notes (print outs) are free available and next winter term we also plan to record the lecture.
Content of the lecture:

  1. Introduction: Computer Science meets Life Sciences, challenges and future directions
  2. Back to the future: Fundamentals of Data, Information and Knowledge
  3. Structured Data: Coding, Classification (ICD, SNOMED, MeSH, UMLS)
  4. Biomedical Databases: Acquisition, Storage, Information Retrieval and Use
  5. Semi structured and weakly structured data (structural homologies)
  6. Multimedia Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  7. Knowledge and Decision: Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction
  8. Biomedical Decision Making: Reasoning and Decision Support
  9. Intelligent Information Visualization and Visual Analytics
  10. Biomedical Information Systems and Medical Knowledge Management
  11. Biomedical Data: Privacy, Safety and Security
  12. Methodology for Information Systems: System Design, Usability and Evaluation