[publication] Can Confidence Assessment Enhance Traditional Multiple-Choice Testing?

Zusammen mit meinen Kollegen haben wir für die heurige ICL Konferenz einen Artikel über die Verwendung eines zusätzlichen Parameters bei einem Multiple-Choice Test (Feldstudie) geschrieben. Der Artikel ist hier online verfügbar.

This paper presents the results of an experiment with multiple-choice testing including confidence assessment. In a course at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) 432 students did a multiple-choice test (MCT) on the university’s online learning management system. For 172 students the test had been added a confidence parameter for each question, which allowed the students to state their confidence in their answers. The remaining 260 students doing a traditional MCT served as a control group. The results show that there is a relationship between the confidence parameter and the percentage of incorrect answers. Moreover the findings detail that the use of the confidence parameter leads to slightly poorer results.

Referenz:Kolbitsch, J., Ebner, M., Nagler, W., Scerbakov, N. (2008) Can Confidence Assessment Enhance Traditional Multiple-Choice Testing?, In: Interactive Computer Aided Learning, ICL 2008, Villach