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[publication] How to MOOC? – A pedagogical guideline for practitioners

Our publication at this year „10th International Scientific Conference „eLearning and Software for Education“ in Bucharest is now online available. The slides are already available here.

Massive Open Online Courses, shortly MOOCs, are a trending phenomenon in online education. Neither distance education nor online courses are new, but especially in the field of technology enhanced learning, MOOCs have been gathering enormous attention by the public. Thus, following the main idea of bringing education to a broad range of people, two universities in Graz developed an xMOOC platform for the German speaking area, mostly addressing people in Austria. Before the first courses started the authors reflected on how such a MOOC should be carried out and which key factors (didactical, technical and administrative) have to be considered.
This research study strongly concentrates on developing a checklist for practitioners who would like to do an xMOOC in the future by examining different xMOOCs and reflecting first experiences gathered through daily work on MOOCs.
It can be concluded that doing a Massive Open Online Course is much more challenging as maybe expected at first sight. Nevertheless the proposed checklist will help to overcome first barriers and provide solid steps towards one’s first online course.

Reference: Lackner, E., Kopp, M., Ebner, M. (2014) How to MOOC? – A pedagogical guideline for practitioners. Roceanu, I. (ed.). Proceedings of the 10th International Scientific Conference „eLearning and Software for Education“ Bucharest, April 24 – 25, 2014. Publisher: Editura Universitatii Nationale de Aparare „Carol I”