Using Nintendo Wii Remote Controller for Finger Tracking,Gesture Detection

We did a project about the use of the WII-Remote Controller for presenting with Microsoft Powerpoint.


The number of sold Nintendo’s Wiimotes (Wii Remote Controllers) exceeded in the first half of 2008 the number of sold Tablet PC.
This success made it very fast to the most spread computer input device worldwide. Considering the fact that Nintendo also offers an API for Windows platform which allows accessing the Wiimote inner states through the integrated on-board Bluetooth module made the Wiimote
more interesting for HCI experiments. Besides the Bluetooth technology every Wiimote is equipped with a single IR (infra-red) camera sensor. Based on the experiments and resources of John Chung Lee this work aims at investigating the potential of Wiimote as standard input
device like mouse or presenter on the one hand and as gesture and finger tracking sensor on the other hand. It should be shown how everyday gestures can be interpreted utilizing Wiimotes and their hardware modules for command patterns in regular computer applications. All investigations will be focused on E-learning as special domain of appliance.

Here you will find the description of the project as well as all source codes.