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[publication] It’s in your pocket: A MOOC about programming for kids and the role of OER in teaching and learning contexts #imoox #mooc #tugraz

Our publication about „It’s in your pocket: A MOOC about programming for kids and the role of OER in teaching and learning contexts“ at this year Open Education Global Conference in Delft got published right now.


Programming is considered as an essential skill in the 21st century. Visual programming languages and age-appropriate development environments allow an easy entry into this field. Nevertheless, it is very challenging to bring those skills in a very short time frame to schools, to their teachers, and to school children themselves. Therefore, Graz University of Technology started a Massive Open Online Course named “Learning to code: Programming with Pocket Code” which is intended to teach coding skills to school children as well as teachers in a very fast, flexible and effective way. The learning content within the course is published under an open license to allow the reuse, modification and dissemination of the materials in different teaching and learning contexts. In this research work, we will present structure and concept of the MOOC. A special emphasis will be given on how the MOOC can be used in school and on the fact, that the content can be disseminated in a variety of ways.

[Link to article @ ResearchGate]

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Reference: Grandl, M., Ebner, M., Slany, W., Janisch, S. (2018) It’s in your pocket: A MOOC about programming for kids and the role of OER in teaching and learning contexts.In: Conference Proceeding Open Educational Global Conference 2018. p. 9. Delft, Netherlands

[imoox] Start: Learning to Code – Programming with Pocket Code #imoox #pocketcode

Pocket CodeWe are happy, because the first round in englisch language starts today. The MOOC „Learning to Code: Programming with Pocket Code“ is explicitly aimed at schoolchildren. But be aware that we do not want to train the whole world as computer scientists. On the contrary, we simply want people to understand how the world of tomorrow works, so that they can help shape the world of tomorrow. So register and join it for free.

There are many prejudices and fears about programming. With the help of Pocket Code, particularly children will gain initial experience with programming. A simple and visual user interface enables a playful implementation of your own ideas.

The course is designed for children and young people (age group 10-14 years) as well as teachers of all subjects. The main content includes creating your own games, interactive animations and apps with Pocket Code. At first, the structure and functionality of the app get presented. The participants learn how to use basic programming concepts such as conditionals, variables, events or parallelism. It is up to the children whether they take the course on their own or together with their parents.

[Link to the MOOC]

How can you join? Simply at any time, just register at iMOOX for free and go to the course page and join – have fun.