[video] Open Source Multitouch Technology

Auf der ED-Media Konferenz nahm ich an einem Vortrag über den Einsatz von Multitouch Technologie in der Lehre teil. Sehr spannend fand ich, dass hierbei auf eine Open Source Lösung zurückgegriffen wurde: Community Core Vision

Community Core Vision, CCV for short (formally known as tbeta), is a open source/cross-platform solution for computer vision and machine sensing. It takes an video input stream and outputs tracking data (e.g. coordinates and blob size) and events (e.g. finger down, moved and released) that are used in building multi-touch applications. CCV can interface with various web cameras and video devices as well as connect to various TUIO/OSC/XML enabled applications and supports many multi-touch lighting techniques including: FTIR, DI, DSI, and LLP with expansion planned for the future vision applications (custom modules/filters).