[ipad] wOERksheets #iphone #ipad #OER #app

wOERksheetsIm Rahmen einer Projektarbeit haben wir versucht eine sehr einfache, simple App zu erstellen, welche hilft OER-Arbeitsblätter zu erstellen:

The app wOERksheets allows teachers to create work sheets for their students containing a creative commons license. The created work sheet may be exported as a PDF file.
Each work sheet contains a fixed border, header (Name, Class, Date) and a configurable creative commons license. Beside text it is also possible to include images from the devices’ photo library. The text may also contain simple formatting options (Bold, Italic, Underlined, Alignment, List, Font). Changing the color of the whole worksheet is also possible.
The created work sheets are designed to be used as OER (Open Educational Resources) in the lectures.

[Link to the App @ iOS-Store]