[iPhone] Super 1*1

iPhone App Super 1*1
iPhone App Super 1*1
Im Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2013” ist die App Super 1*1 entstanden. Diese App stellt einen ersten Versuch am Forschungsfeld Gamification dar, indem man einerseits das Jump & Run schaffen sollte und gleichzeitig auch 1*1-Beispiele zu lösen hat.

Play 9 exciting levels in this fun platformer game! Try to get the fastest time in each level!
Answering a simple mathematical question correctly replenishes one life, use this to your advantage!

  • 9 exciting levels from 3 different worlds
  • 6 original soundtracks
  • lots of fun!

[Link zur App]

[iphone, #COER13] OER-Remix Game

iPhone App OER Remix Game
iPhone App OER Remix Game
Quasi ein Nachtrag zum COER13: Wir haben im Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2013” die App OER-Remix Game umgesetzt. Ziel ist es dabei auf spielerischem Wege die Komplexität der Kombination verschiedenster Lizensierungen verstehen zu lernen. Ehrlich auch mir fällt das auch nicht wirklich immer leicht, ist manchmal ordentlich zum Nachdenken und dann kommt noch der Zeitstress dazu.

Do you ever wanted to explore the depths of license combining or even wanted to proof your knowledge in this craft? Then the OER remix game may be an interesting way to do so!
The Game is structured in two parts. The first and also main part of the game consists of a deck of cards, which is used to explore the challenge of open content license compability issues and, in this context, how you are able to combine open educational ressources. After you found a valid oer remix, you have to choose the end license in the second part of the game , under which your project has to be published.

  • Start in relax mode to explore the game
  • Study the game winning rules and train to be faster
  • Choose a harder difficulty and proof your knowledge and swiftness
  • Gain Achievements to be an oer remix game professional

If you discover any problems, suggestions for improvement or even new features for the game, please send us an email and we will help you as far as possibile!

[Link zur App]