[publication] iPad Human Interface Guidlines for M-Learning

Our contribution to the Handbook of M-Learning is now published. Toegehter with Sabrina (she is also author of the book “iPad in Classrooms“) I wrote about our experiences with iPads in schools. The result is just a checklist we have to bear in mind if we are going to lecture.

In this chapter it will be discussed whether and to what extend the development of iPad/iPhone apps for learning and teaching, following the Human Interface Guidelines, really improves individual learning and teaching success. There is a strong relationship between good interface design and the ease-of-use of learning apps. Through careful user observations of students’ and teachers’ needs we provide a first guideline of how to use tablets in classrooms.

iPad Human Interface Guidelines for M-Learning by Martin

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Reference: Huber, S., & Ebner, M. (2013). iPad human interface guidelines for m-learning. In Z.L. Berge and L.Y. Muilenburg (Eds.), Handbook of mobile learning. (pp. 318-328). New York: Routledge.

AK Medientechnologie 2011 – iPhone Development

Unsere heurige Vorlesung “AK Medientechnologie” wo wir iPhone Development lehren ist wieder gestartet. Wie gewohnt stehen alle Unterlagen auf iTunesU zur Verfügung oder auch unter itunes.tugraz.at.
Meine Beiträge die sich vorallem mit der Human Interface Design beschäftigen sind auch auf Slideshare zugänglich.