[iPhone, app] MathEvo #tugraz #iOS #AppDevelopment

Math EvoNun gibt es unser Spiel MathEvo auch für iOS, für Android wurde es bereits hier angekündigt. Viel Spaß mit dem Donkey Kong Revieval 🙂 .

MathEvo is an educational game for children.
The goal is to solve simple math problems, for which you get rewarded with stars. With these stars you are able to unlock new backgrounds and character models.
The gameplay is based on the old Donkey Kong game, where you have to climb ladders to reach the goal.
Each climed ladder adds another piece to the equation showing in the top right corner. If the equation is wrong, the right path will be displayed.
All levels are randomly generated.

[Link zur App]

[iphone, app] GeoQuiz+ #tugraz #iOS #AppDevelopment

GeoQuiz+Im Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2016” wurde eine App zum Kennenlernen der Welt erstellt:

Level up your geography skills in the most fun and engaging way: with GeoQuizz+

  • Take the challenge and identify countries by their flags or their outlines.
  • Guess the location of cities as accurate as possible


  • 254 Flags
  • 229 Country borders
  • 1673 Cities, Towns or Villages distirbuted in over 200 Countries
  • Switch continents for the game
  • Zoomable map in position quiz

[Link zur App]

[iphone, app] Erasmus TU Graz #AppDevelopment #iOS #tugraz

iPhone App Erasmus TU GrazIm Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2016” hat man eine App für die Erasmusstudierenden erstellt. Wir hoffen, dass damit der Anfang leichter ist an der TU Graz:

Erasmus TU is the perfect app for all new international students at TU Graz. Find all the basic information about paper work, university and free time! Insert your country of origin and the length of your stay to get a personalized Must Do List with all the paper work you need to do and a complete explanation of when/where/how to do it. Visa, Meldezettel… everything explained in an easy check list! You can also get the basic information about the university thanks to our TU guide. Campus and international office information, how to register for the courses and more is available in Erasmus TU. Also, useful information about your stay is available. This includes how to find accommodation, which bank or phone company to choose… A good international experience is also based on how you spend your free time. With Erasmus TU you can find information about restaurants, bars, sports… No matter which program you are following or how long you are staying in Graz, this app is for you!

[Link zur App]

[iphone] TUKey – Secure Password Manager #iphone #app

Secure Password ManagerIm Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2015” wurde auch ein Passwortmanager fürs iPhone entwickelt – nicht uninteressant für den alltäglichen Gebrauch:

TUKey saves your login informations in an easy and secure way. You choose one master key to access all your credentials. The data is stored encrypted on your device and can be synchronized via iCloud with all your devices. TUKey allows you to generate secure passwords and store them. Your stored data can only be accessed using the master key.
The TUKey Safari extension allows you to retrieve your stored credentials and fills them in.

  • Free and secure password manager
  • Data gets encrypted and is stored on your device
  • Password generator for creating secure passwords
  • Safari extension to easily access your login information – iCloud synchronization between your devices
  • One master key for all devices

This application has been developed for the “Mobile Applications” lecture at the Graz University of Technology.

[Link zur App]

[iphone] Slap The Clap

Slap the CapIm Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2015” ist ein Spiel entwickelt worden um den Rythmus zu üben:

The rhythm or clapping therapy is used for people with special needs: For children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder it is successfully applied to help them in improving their concentration and motor planning skills. In retirement homes it is used to support the elderly people with keeping their motor and coordination skills. Moreover, in rehabilitation, e.g. after an accident, a stroke, or a heart attack, the rhythm therapy can cure movement disorders and paralysis.

In this therapy the patient tries to clap or knock various specific rhythms after a coach as exactly as possible. If the patient manages to clap the rhythms correctly, more complex rhythms are chosen. As this training always requires a therapist, however, it is very expensive.

This app was developed to enable patients to practice the rhythmic clapping on their own. It generates and plays various rhythms by random. After playing one rhythm, the app asks the patient to clap the rhythm and records the sound for the next seconds. When the recording has finished, the app analyses it and determines if the rhythm clapped by the patient is similar to the played one. If so, the patient gets positive feedback, the next rhythm is generated, and the procedure begins again. If the rhythms are not similar, the app repeats the same rhythm, asking the patient to try it another time. Once the patient has managed to clap a series of 9 different rhythms correctly this way, rhythms of higher complexity, i.e. of longer duration, higher tempo, and/or smaller values of the notes, are generated.

The app was designed mainly with children in mind: It looks like a game, consisting of 9 levels, where each level corresponds to a different degree of rhythm complexity. A colorful graphical user interface and the sometimes barefaced character of a monkey, acting as a personal, very musical clapping coach and giving funny feedback, motivate the children to practice. In the Pro Version which will be released in autumn 2015, besides other new features, there will be the possibility to win different parts of a drumset as achievements for good performances for additional motivation to work with the system.

It is important to underline that this app should not completely replace a therapist, since the personal interaction between the therapist and the patient is very important. The app should rather be regarded as an addition to the personal rhythm therapy, giving the children extra motivation and the possibility to practice independently between the therapy sessions. This way, the app shall contribute to a higher spread of the rhythm therapy.

[Link zur App]

[iphone] Seeking!

Seeking!Im Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2015” ist ein sehr schönes Spiel entstanden. Es geht darum mit seinem Team andere zu besiegen:

Enter the breathtaking world of Vikings and be their leader. Build up your own personal team of Vikings to find your enemies as fast as you can. Once you have found them, support your troops by collecting Gold Coins on the field and sending more warriors to defeat the attacking enemies and deal as much damage as you can to the enemy tent.

[Link zur App]
Darüberhinaus teste ich zum ersten Mal ein Umfragetool – mal schauen wie interessant es für euch ist:

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[publication] Mobile Applications for Math Education – How Should They Be Done?

My contribution about “Mobile Applications for Math Education – How Should They Be Done?” as part of the book Mobile Learning and Mathematics. Foundations, Design, and Case Studies got published.

Math education in elementary schools is a necessity. In this publication we introduce different math applications for iPhone and iPad developed by students at Graz University of Technology. Both, the technical as well as the pedagogical strategy of these apps are described. Furthermore, a close look at the HCI guidelines are taken and finally enhanced with some crucial facts that in principle an app is able to serve as a learning app for elementary school children. It can be summarized that the successful use of math apps in classroom is more than just a playing with the first app that comes along; it is about a careful design of a didactical approach based on an appropriate learning strategy.

Mobile Applications for Math Education – How Should They Be Done? by Martin

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Reference: Ebner, M. (2015) Mobile Learning and Mathematics. Foundations, Design, and Case Studies. Crompton, H., Traxler, J. (ed.). Routledge. New York and London. pp. 20-32

btw, Happy Easter to all 🙂

[presentation, master] TeamSketch

Über die kollaborative Zeichenapp hatte ich schon hier berichtet, jetzt darf ich auch noch die Präsentation der Masterarbeit von Michael vorstellen. Er hat natürlich erfolgreich bestanden 🙂

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