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[workshop] Emerging technologies and emerging trends in education #tugraz #reserach

Im Rahmen des CAS eLearning Zertifikatkurses darf ich heuer eine neues Modul rund um „Emerging Technologies and Trends“ abhalten. Die dafür notwendigen Unterlagen sind hier nochmals übersichtlich dargestellt.

VORMITTAG: EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES – from social to mobile and seamless learning

NACHMITTAG: EMERGING TRENDS – Learning Analytics, Maker Education & Lernen mit Videos

Als weiterführende Literatur wird das Lehrbuch für Lernen und Lehren mit Technologien empfohlen mit den entsprechenden Kapiteln, sowie das Kapitel „Mobile Seamless Learning – Die nahtlose Integration mobiler Geräte beim Lernen und im Unterricht„.
Zur Info für Nicht-Teilnehmer/innen: Es handelt sich um einen ganztägigen Workshop.

[publication] Kissed by the Muse: Promoting Computer Science Education for All with the Calliope Board #Making #MakerEducation

At this year Ed-Media conference in Amsterdam we published our research work about „Kissed by the Muse: Promoting Computer Science Education for All with the Calliope Board“.


A critical approach to new technologies requires a general understanding of the logical and technical aspects behind them. In the German-speaking part of Europe, we experience, that computer science education in school is still considered less important than other scientific subjects, especially in secondary and primary school. This is particularly disadvantageous for girls, as they stick to gender stereotypes and social expectation and do not opt for a male-dominated career path. To foster kids and teenagers’ interest in science, technology and particularly in programming, we believe, that active encouragement in school and hands-on experience play a vital role. Visual programming languages, age-appropriate development environments and educational robots or boards like the Calliope mini allow an easy entry into this field. To impart coding skills and to practise computational thinking, the Graz University of Technology offered workshops with the title “Coding with the Calliope mini – a playful approach to the digital world”. The aim of the paper is to present the Calliope initiative and to describe the importance of extracurricular offers to promote computer science education for boys and girls. The outcome of the study shows that the Calliope mini can boost programming activities and attract students. Nevertheless, the results show, that it does not influence teenage girls’ decisions for their future life and career, which correspond to gender stereotypes.

[Draft @ ResearchGate]

Reference: Grandl, M. & Ebner, M. (2018). Kissed by the Muse: Promoting Computer Science Education for All with the Calliope Board. In Proceedings of EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology (pp. 606-615). Amsterdam, Netherlands: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

[diplom] Analyse von Maker Days und Konzepterstellung zur Durchführung an Hochschulen #making #makereducation #tugraz

Lena hat im Rahmen ihrer Diplomarbeit die MakerDays in Bad Reichenhall nochmals analysiert und die Grundlage geschaffen für die ersten MakerDays an der TU Graz im August 2018. Hier kann man sich dafür noch gerne anmelden.
Die Zusammenfassung ihrer Arbeit hat sie mit diesem Foliensatz erfolgreich verteidigt:

[workshop] Making With Kids in Europe – To Foster Digital Literacy, to Make a Better World, and to Build a New Entrepreneurship Education #making #edmedia #InnovateLearning

At this year ED-Media conference in Amsterdam we start with a workshop on „Making With Kids in Europe – To Foster Digital Literacy, to Make a Better World, and to Build a New Entrepreneurship Education“ where we like to introduce to our activities.


Some of Europe’s leading experts on making with children will share their experiences and different approaches within this joint workshop The workshop will include presentations about teacher education within makerspaces at the University of Technologies Graz (AT), about inspiring social innovation and educational projects at the Waag Society (NL) and about the European initiative DOIT, which sees making as a good base for an early entrepreneurship education. Participants will work with a set of tools and smaller maker projects. For example, they can program educational games in Scratch, build a dough piano (which will do music!) with a MaKeyMaKey set, or sew some “smart gloves”. Interactive discussions will be the base to develop own future implementations.

Find here the slides and workshop hand-outs at our partner’s website DoIT.

Our making book goes international :-) #making #MakerEducation

Da hüpft das eigene Herz doch auch ein Stückchen höher! – Tannis Morgan (@tanbob) hat das Handbuch entdeckt und stellt es ausführlich auf der Site zu OER in nicht-englisch vor. Dankeschön!!