[iPhone] Pic of the Day

iPhone App Pic of the Day
iPhone App Pic of the Day
Im Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2013” ist die App Pic of the Day entstanden. Diese App soll einfach dazu dienen ein tägliches Lächeln auf die Gesichter zu zaubern, indem sie schöne Bilder zeigt. Hintergrund dabei ist, dass wir aufgrund der Beurteilung von BenutzerInnen versuchen, die Präsentation der Bilder weiter zu optimieren indem die Empfehlungen immer besser werden.

User-friendly app focused on delivering daily thoughts and inspirations in a form of pictures.
Simple, fun and easy to use image browsing with image and thumbnail mode.
Thumbnail mode used as a browsing history, where all the previously seen pictures are saved.
Image mode used for browsing images in full screen mode. Furthermore, loading of a new image in image mode is done after liking/disliking the currently displayed picture, in order for the system to learn what the user wants and to display similar images later on. The image can be liked or disliked only once.


  • hundreds of high resolution images for you to browse through
  • system that gives you more similar images based on what you like and less of what you dislike
  • low/limited image loading time
  • view images in landscape or portrait orientation
  • easy navigation between thumbnail and detail mode
  • well organized browsing history in thumbnail mode
  • absolutely free, just for your enjoyment!

[Link zur App]