[press] #CoronaAlltag: Wenn ein Lehrbetrieb sich neu erfinden muss #covid19 #covid #tugraz

Man hat mich gebeten, die ersten Tage an der TU Graz festzuhalten, als wir auf 100% digitale Lehre infolge der Corona-Krise umgestiegen sind. APA Science hat den Kurzbericht veröffentlicht.

Das öffentliche Leben, den Sport, die Wirtschaft und die Bildung: Ein neuartiges Virus in Österreich veränderte innerhalb weniger Tage alles. Doch während die „Coronakrise“ viele Bereiche vollkommen lahmlegte, legten Österreichs Bildungseinrichtungen sprichwörtlich den Schalter um.

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[Kurzbericht #CoronaAlltag: Wenn ein Lehrbetrieb sich neu erfinden muss]

[ijet, journal] Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Vol. 12 / No. 04 #ijet #research

Issue 12(04) of our journal on emerging technologies for learning got published. Enjoy the readings as usual for free :-).

Table of Contents:

  • Teaching „Information Systems Management“ with Moodle
  • „All for One and One for All“- Creating a Mobile Learning Net for ESP Students‘ Needs
  • An Investigation into the Role of Tablet Devices in Facilitating Collaborative Learning in EFL Language Course
  • Design and Practice of Surveying Experiment System based on a Virtual Platform
  • A Novel Authentication Scheme for E-assessments Based on Student Behavior over E-learning Platform
  • Debugging Tool to Learn Algorithms: A Case Study Minimal Spanning Tree
  • AICTs and Music in Generic Learning Disabilities
  • Rule-based Cognitive Modeling and Model Tracing in a Math Story Problem Tutor
  • Factors Supporting an Information Technology Management : Teachers in Primary Schools in Thailand
  • Design and Implementation of a Multimedia-based Technology Solution to Assist Children with Intellectual Disability to Learn
  • An Efficient E-Exam Scheme
  • ssessing Collaborative Problem Solving Skills in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments – The PISA Framework and Modes of Communication
  • Software Solution Improving Productivity and Quality for Big Volume Students‘ Group Assessment Process
  • Teaching Experience on Faculty Members’ Perceptions about the Attributes of Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • Design of Education Application based on Shiva 3D Platform
  • Cooperative Learning Web Application for Water Care in Colombia – Manglar: Actor-Network Theory Software Solution

[Link to Issue 12/04]

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become a reviewer for the journal, please just contact me :-).

[seminar] Qualitätssicherung und PR #tugraz #research

Im Rahmen eines Seminars für den „Lehrgang Hochschuldidaktik“ habe ich auch das Modul „Qualitätssicherung und PR“ über gehabt.
Hier gibt es meinen Foliensatz hierzu:

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[publication] Social networking in scientific conferences – Twitter as tool for strengthen a scientific

Our publication about „Social networking in scientific conferences – Twitter as tool for strengthen a scientific“ for this Science 2.0 for TEL Workshop at ECTEL conference is now online available.

Twitter is the fastest growing member community of the last year. With a rate of 1382% it grows 6 times faster than for example the world biggest social networking application Facebook. In this paper we ask how Twitter can serve as resource at scientific conferences and support the scientific community. Furthermore we ask if Twitter ads any scientific value to conferences. We chose this year ED-MEDIA conference as example for the use of Twitter at a scientific conference and show how the micro-blogging tool got seamlessly integrated in the well-known communication infrastructure of conferences.

Reference: Ebner. M., Reinhard, W. (2009) Social networking in scientific conferences – Twitter as tool for strengthen a scientific, Workshop Science 2.0 for TEL, ECTEL 2009, [Link]

And the presented slides: