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[blogpost] Inverse Blended Learning – How to Deal with MOOCs More Successfully #tugraz #research #InverseBlendedLearning #MOOC

Sandra and I did a short blogpost for our colleagues in Philadelphia about our didactical approach of „Inverse Blended Learning„, based on our MOOC-research

We guess that all innovative educators especially in the field of educational technology love to work with MOOCs. We simply get the possibility to teach a broad audience and are working with learners really interested in the stuff. In recent years, the number of those courses have increased while impressive educational institutions report successful experiences.

[Link to the blogpost]

[interview] “Never before have we had such power in our pockets”

A couple of days ago I was asked if I can give an interview about our activities and my personal opinion about the future of educational technology. The final text with the promising title „Never before have we had such power in our pockets” can be read right here.
Hopefully, it is an interest read, if you have any comment I am happy to answer it 🙂

[“Never before have we had such power in our pockets”]