[publication] Potential of Bots for Encyclopedia #tugraz #research #bot

We are very pleased that our short chapter about „Potential of Bots for Encyclopedia“ for the special issue on Digital Heritage and Related Tools got pusblished.

The wide range of applications and the capability to process and understand natural languages made chatbots very popular. Besides that, many applications chatbots are also used as information retrieval tools. Chatbots are changing the way users search for information. This document focuses on a chatbot that is used as an information retrieval tool. The chatbot enables information search in natural language in a geography domain. In case of a large number of search results, the chatbot engages users with clarification questions. It also provides support to users when uploading multimedia content to the website.

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Reference: Saracevic, M., Ebner, M. & Ebner, M. (2020) Potential of Bots for Encyclopedia. In: Special issue – „Digital Heritage and Related Tools“, Maurer, H. (ed.). IPSI BgD Transactions. 16(1). pp. 54-60

[publication] Potentials of Chatbots for Spell Check among Youngsters #tugraz #chatbot #research #LearningAnalytic

We did an article about „Potentials of Chatbots for Spell Check among Youngsters“ for the first issue of the „International Journal of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Education (iJAI)„.


Chatbots are already being used successfully in many areas. This publication deals with the development and programming of a chatbot prototype to support learning processes. This Chatbot prototype is designed to help pupils in order to correct their spelling mistakes by providing correction proposals to them. Especially orthographic spelling mistake should be recognized by the chatbot and should be replaced by correction suggestions stored in test data.

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Reference: Arifi, J., Ebner, M., Ebner, M. (2019) Potentials of Chatbots for Spell Check among Youngsters. IN: International Journal of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Education (iJAI). 2019(1). pp. 77-88

Erster Searchchatbot an der TU Graz #tugraz #bot

Es freut uns, dass wir einen Chatbot ankündigen können, welcher im Rahmen einer Masterarbeit an der TU Graz entstanden ist. Die Idee ist einfach und simpel – mit Hilfen des bots wollen wir die Suche nach sehr alltäglichen Dingen, wie die Telefonnummer, Adressen, Räume usw. verbessern.
Ob es einen Mehrwert darstellt, soll in einer Testphase nun festgestellt werden – also gerne ausprobieren und auch Feedback geben 🙂

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