[mooc] Learning to code: Programming with Pocket Code #imoox

We are very happy to announce our MOOC about “Learning to code: Programming with Pocket Code“. For the first time we will do it in English language to adress a broader public. If you are interested in learning coding on an Android phone this MOOC will be just perfect – and it doesn’t matter how old you are 🙂

There are many prejudices and fears about programming. With the help of Pocket Code, particularly children will gain initial experience with programming. A simple and visual user interface enables a playful implementation of your own ideas.
The course is designed for children and young people (age group 10-14 years) as well as teachers of all subjects. The main content includes creating your own games, interactive animations and apps with Pocket Code. At first, the structure and functionality of the app get presented. The participants learn how to use basic programming concepts such as conditionals, variables, events or parallelism. It is up to the children whether they take the course on their own or together with their parents.

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[iphone] Play & Learn Colors

iPhone App Play & Learn Colors
iPhone App Play & Learn Colors
Im Rahmen unserer Vorlesung “Mobile Applications 2013” ist die App Play & Learng Colors entstanden. Ziel ist das Erlernen der Farben in der Sprach Englisch für das Vorschulalter. Daher auch die sehr liebevollen Grafiken.

“Play and Learn Colors” is a fun way to learn colors in english.
First, select one of the two currently available worlds: balloons or ships. Wait for the color to be pronounced and select the object in the correct color.Learn new colors as you play. Quit any time you like and start again with the colors you have already learned. The start screen provides a unique overview of all previously learned colors in both worlds.
Play, learn and enjoy great graphics on your iPhone or iPad.

[Link zur App]