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[CfP] Emerging Technologies in Education

I am very happy that I can invite to a Special Interest Group at this year ED-Media 2015 conference in Montreal, Canada. If you are interested to join us there, please consider the Call for Paper, which will be open till 29th April 2015:

The Emerging Technologies for Learning and Teaching Special Interest Group (SIG) would like to specifically invite innovators, technology-focused, and visionary people of all educational sectors to present and discuss their results with this SIG during EdMedia 2015. The SIG chair encourages researchers to submit contributions with a strong focus on technologyand specifically, proposals should focus onhow technology-enhanced learning can be supported by innovative technologies. For more information and instruction on submitting your proposals, please click the link below.

Please find here the [Call For Paper] and here detailed information about the [ED-Media 2015]. I would love to see you in Montreal to discuss new ideas for technologies in education.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me martin[dot]ebner[at]tugraz[dot]at.

[CfP] Workshop on Technologies In Education (K-12) / EiED 2014

We are happy to announce a forthcoming workshop on IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS AND ADVANCED (MOBILE) TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION (K-12) within the EiEd 2014 conference, located in Vienna. In general we like to motivate researchers as well as practitioner to join us and submit a paper proposal not later than 30th June 2014.

[Call for Papers]

[CfP] GMW 2014 – Lernräume gestalten

GMW 2014Der Call for Papers für die Jahrestagung der GMW 2014 an der PH Zürich zum Thema “Lernräume gestalten” ist nun online. Als Mitglied des Steering Committee haben wir versucht die Ausschreibung einerseits sehr breit und andererseits doch fokussiert zu gestalten. Auf was man gespannt sein darf, sind die Möglichkeiten der Präsentationsform der Publikationen vor Ort. Aber dazu erfährt man etwas später an dieser Stelle sicherlich noch mehr.

[call, conference] Symposium: VIDEO: Didaktik – Technik – Hochschullehre

iUNIG-Tagung 2014Es freut uns ankündigen zu können, dass die Interuniversitäre Initiative für Neue Medien Graz, kurz iUNIG, nun bereits ihre 6 Veranstaltung am 24. und 25. April 2014 durchführen wird. Diesesmal steht das Symposium ganz im Zeichen von Videos, wie diese zur Lehre ein- und umgesetzt werden.
Es gibt auch einen Call for Papers und damit verbunden einer Publikationsmöglichkeit in der Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung (ZFHE).
Alle Details bzw. auch die Anmeldung zur Tagung findet man hier.

[conference] EMOOCs 2014

EMOOCs 2014, Lausanne

EMOOCs 2014, Lausanne

It’s a great pleasure to announce the EMOOCs 2014, the “Second MOOC European Stakeholders Summit” in Lausanne, February 12-14 2014. Due to the fact that I am a member of the program committee of the Research Track I also like to point you on the Call for Papers (deadline 20th september 2013):

EMOOCs 2014, the Second MOOC European Stakeholders Summit, will be held on February 10-12, 2014 in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Organised by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and P.A.U. Education the event aims to be an opportunity to gather European actors involved in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) phenomenon, from policy makers to practitioners and researchers. This conference is the follow-up of the MOOC Summit 2013.

The goal of the summit is to develop synergies among European universities around themes such as student assessment, MOOC accreditation, platform interoperability or joint research initiatives.

The conference will include four tracks (Policy, Experience, Research and Business), with 5 sessions of 90 minutes and a keynote speaker. EMOOCs 2014 will also offer a series of workshops, meetings and the tutorial “All you need to know about MOOCs”.

[Homepage of the conference]

[CfP] Bildungsforschung: Nicht-pädagogisches Personal in Bildungseinrichtungen

Die Zeitschrift Bildungsforschung erbittet wieder Beiträge für die nächste Ausgabe. Das Thema ist interessant und birgt einiges an Diskussionspunkten. Bernhard Schmidt-Hertha und Margaretha Müller suchen Beiträge über eine Personengruppe, die sonst in Forschungsbeiträgen der Bildungsforschung nur selten im Vordergrund steht: Das nicht-pädagogische Personal
Einreichtermin ist der 31.7.2013:

[CfP] Interaction in Massive Courses

Together with my colleagues from the University of Munich I like to call for submissions on the topic “Interaction in Massive Courses“. The contributions will appear as Special Issue of the journal J.UCS (Journal of Universal Computer Science) which is an open access journal and holds an Impact Factor.
Please consider to send us a scientific contribution on 9th June 2013 at latest, if the following sounds interesting and meet you research interests as well:

The Special Issue aims to gather research works in the field of massive courses with a special focus on enhancing interaction between lecturers-students or students-student in face-to-face situations or completely online by using different kind of technologies (MOOC). For example, some few information systems created some years ago, summarized by the term Audience Response Systems (ARS). Here students are able to make votes on lecturers’ questions by using mostly special hardware (Anderson et al, 2003). Other possibilities are the use of Web 2.0 technologies (Purgathofer & Reinhard,
2008) or Social Media (Ebner, 2011) to enhance students’ engagement in live-lecturing-situations. In the last years, the above-mentioned MOOCs attracted the interest of thousands of students. Obviously this leads to new challenges on how to overcome the management of a huge number of occurring interactions and makes new strategies necessary.
Assuming that rich interactions in large groups of learners are even more critical in the development of academia this Special Issue of the Journal of Universal Computer Science is dedicated to research on media fostering interaction in massive courses.

Here you will find the detailed Call for Paper (CfP).

[CfP] Open Access und Open Educational Resources

Zusammen mit Sandra Schön, Lambert Heller und Rudolf Mumenthaler freue ich mich über Einreichungen zur Schwerpunkt-Ausgabe der Zeitschrift für Hochschulentwicklung (ZFHE): Wie gestalten wir die Zukunft mit Open Access und Open Educational Resources?

“Open Access (OA) und Open Educational Resources (OER) sind in den letzten Jahren immer häufiger als Themen in den Printmedien und in der wissenschaftlichen Debatte vertreten. Beide verändern zentrale Prozesse an Hochschulen. Steht Open Access für den freien Zugang primär zu wissenschaftlichen Forschungsergebnissen, diskutiert man im OER-Sektor über die Verfügbarkeit und Nutzbarkeit von freien Bildungsinhalten in der Lehre und für das Lernen. Beide Bewegungen sind zwar unabhängig voneinander, aber beeinflussen und inspirieren sich gegenseitig und verwenden auch ähnliche Argumente. …

Der vollständige Call als [pdf].
Wir freuen uns auch jetzt schon über alle, die sich bereit erklären, Einreichungen zu begutachten. Bitte kurze Mail an uns :)

[CfP] 1st Workshop on Social Linked Data for Science and Education – SOLISE 2013

We like to invite interested researcher to contribute to our ” 1st Workshop on Social Linked Data for Science and Education – SOLISE 2013” at this year 5th Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU 2013) in Aachen, Germany.
The scope of our call is:

This workshop aims at providing a discussion forum for approaches and challenges that are making use of web data resources and technologies, especially Social Networks, Semantic Web and Linked Data, for science, teaching, learning and education. The SOLISE 2012 workshop angles for papers about how Social Networks,Lnked Data and Semantic Web can contribute to analyse and adopt data generated by learning enviroments and education and science communities, to improve personalization, usability and analytics of such content for educational and research purposes in every day work. We are looking for preliminary results, position, and research papers. Researchers, experts, enthusiasts, and especially PhD students are welcome and encouraged to submit their contributions.

Please be aware about the Deadlines:

  • Paper Submission: February 20, 2013
  • Authors Notification: March 1, 2013
  • Final Paper Submission and Registration: March 6, 2013

More Information will be given at the homepage of the workshop – find it here: [Link]

[CfP] Young Academics E-Learning Research (YAER2012)

Im Rahmen der ICL-Conference 2012 in Villach, Österreich lädt das Forum neue Medien Austria (fnma) zu einem Call ein. Das Besondere ist dabei der Fokus auf unsere Nachwuchswissenschaftler denen wir hier eine Bühne geben wollen, ihre Arbeiten einem internationalen Publikum vorzustellen.
Deadline ist der 14.5.2012 (!):