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[CallForPapers] Special Issue „Computational Thinking“

We were invited to serve as guest editor for a special issue on „Computational Thinking“ for the open access journal „future internet„. Of course we would love, if you have time for an interesting opinion and submission on that topic 🙂

Dear Colleagues,

This special issue highlights the importance and possibilities of computational thinking (CT) in an educational, as well as a broader societal context. The problem-solving approach of computational thinking allows for learners and practitioners to better deal with complexity and the open ended non-trivial problems posed by a world ever more uncertain and unpredictable. This will lead to a generation more adept to tackle the imminent challenges posed by the climate crisis, automation and artificial intelligence (AI). To collaborate on these big issues and the corresponding opportunities students need to be equipped with a solid baseline understanding and the interdisciplinary vision for a better future.

Over the last decade CT was mainly taught in informal settings, educating privileged youth in makerspaces and mostly urban after-school programs. These valuable lessons are slowly transformed in compulsory education and national curricula, establishing a more inclusive environment to have all young minds interact with CT.

We invite you to participate in our open call for papers to share ideas, experiments and ultimately knowledge in this emerging area of public interest.

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Most important: Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 July 2020

All further information you will find directly here: [Call for Papers]