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[presentation] Academic Use of Microblogging

My presentation of today at Conference on „Advances of Informatics and Earth&Cosmic Sciences“ in Graz:

[presentation] Is Twitter an Individual Mass Communication Medium?

Our presentation about „Is Twitter an Individual Mass Communication Medium?“ at this year SITE Conference is now online available:

[workshop] Using Microblogging to enhance communication within Communities of Practice

Due to the fact that I agreed to serve as member of the program committee I also like to hint to the forthcoming workshop „Using Microblogging to enhance communication within Communities of Practice“ (MicroECoP) within the WCC 2010 conference in Brisbane, Australia.
The workshop aims to discuss:

A number of questions are emerging from the early use of micro-blogs as social networking tools that connect communities of practice and interest. These include: How can microblogs support the development of professional communities of practice? How can microblogs be effectively incorporated into formalised professional learning? How can we measure the optimum levels of engagement necessary for microblogs to be successful social networking tools within professional communities of practice? How are communities of practice enhanced or enriched as a result of the application of microblogs? What about issues of security, privacy and intellectual property – how can these be protected? Do the filtering features on microblogs constitute semantic tools?

So think about to participate – more details you will find at the homepage of MicroECoP.

[video] digitalks – Microblogging

Vielen lieben Dank an Jana für die guten Statements zum Thema Twitter:

[presentation] Microblogging in Higher Education

Toegehter with Sandra I give this talk at Learntec 2010:

[video] Twitter und Medienkompetenz

Ich hatte die Ehre Fr. Prof. Amber Beadyeyes von der Monsteracademy ein Interview rund um das Thema Twitter und Medienkompetenz zu geben. Hier das Resultat:

[recording] 7. Online Webmontag / Microblogging an der Hochschule

Im Rahmen des 7. Online Web Montags hatte ich die Gelegenheit über die Verwendung von Microblogging an der Hochschule zu reden und unsere Untersuchungen kurz darzustellen, wie auch Projektkompetenz.eu berichtet. Die Aufzeichnung ist nun auch verfügbar und ich freu mich auf Rückmeldungen.

[video] Use of Microblogging in Higher Education

Also mich erinnert der Output des Videos sehr stark an eine unserer ersten Veröffentlichungen über „Microblogging – more than fun?„. Vielen Dank an JISC für die schöne visuelle Darstellung:

Einladung zum Webmontag

Ich bin gefragt worden, ob ich nächste Woche am Online-Webmontag einen Beitrag zum Spezialthema „Bildung und Social Media“ halten möchte und habe dem gerne zugestimmt. Ich werde dabei über Erfahrungen des Einsatzes von Microblogging an einer österreichischen Hochschule berichten, wie es sich in der alltäglichen Praxis bewährt hat (oder auch nicht) und wo ich Stärken und Schwächen sehe.
Als Grundlage wird mir die Veröffentlichung „Microblogs in Higher Education – a chance to facilitate informal and process oriented learning?“ dienen, woraus ich einige Tabellen und Grafiken vorstelle.
Möchte also alle die daran interessiert sind herzlich einladen an dieser Online Diskussion teilzunehmen.

[publication] Microblogs in Higher Education – a chance to facilitate informal and process oriented learning?

We are happy to announce that our publication „Microblogs in Higher Education – a chance to facilitate informal and process oriented learning?“ published in Journal Computer & Education is now online available.

Microblogging is one of the latest Web 2.0 technologies. The key elements are online communication using 140 characters and the fact that it involves “following” anyone. There has been a great deal of excitement about this in recent months. This paper reports on a research study that was carried out on the use of a microblogging platform for process-oriented learning in Higher Education. Students of the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria used the tool throughout their course. All postings were carefully tracked, examined and analyzed in order to explore the possibilities offered by microblogging in education. It can be concluded that microblogging should be seen as a completely new form of communication that can support informal learning beyond classrooms.

Reference: Martin Ebner, Conrad Lienhardt, Matthias Rohs, Iris Meyer (2010), Microblogs in Higher Education – a chance to facilitate informal and process oriented learning?, Computers & Education, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 4 January 2010, ISSN 0360-1315, DOI: 10.1016/j.compedu.2009.12.006.
Online available at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/B6VCJ-4Y34W8F-1/2/799ab0b1112d5696a251fca84be472c3