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Auf der eLearning Guild gab es eine Diskussion die sehr prominent besetzt war: Tony Karrer, Brent Schelenker, Steven Downes und Tony O’Driscoll. Das Thema Web 2.0 und Personal Learning Enviroment. Da ich diese Zeilen zum Thema Personal Learning Enviroment als sehr, sehr interessant empfinde, zitiere ich sie wortwörtlich aus dem Learning Matters! Blog:

We then got into….once you start with a blog, (Hello WordPress/Blogger) your learning starts to take off. You start to get motivated to want to find a tool that helps make your space more conversational and co-creative/crowsourced in terms of production/interpretation of content/ideas (Hello Wiki). You then want to throw in some pictures (Hello Flickr/OFoto) and inevitibely want to find (or create) audio (Hello Odeo) and video (Hello Jumpcut, Eyespot and YouTube/Google Video) that further emphasize your point. You then want to take all these different piece parts together into a single place that is just for you (Hello MySpace….oh that is so yesterday why not build it out in 3D in Secondlife)…and suddenly you start to understand that we have finally tipped on a number of fronts:

  • Web services meets Web 2.0 which means that it becomes easier for people (not just programmers to be prosumers)
  • Centrally Created Content/Control moves towards User Generated Content/Sharing
  • Content is king but Context is the Kingdom
  • Power on all levels is moving towards the consumer (kinda like banks with ATMs only about everything) but consumers are also becoming producers.
  • Consumption moves towards Prosumption

Ich freue mich schon auf Meinungen und Kommentare 🙂

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