[webinar] Social Networks — Danger, Big Business or simply Big Chance?

Am 16. Februar 2012 gebe ich ein Webinar zu “Social Networks — Danger, Big Business or simply Big Chance?” – es ist jeder herzlich eingeladen daran teilzunehmen. Sämtliche Details gibt es hier [Link].

Social Networks are part of our daily life and their usage is still growing dramatically. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about Facebook, Twitter or Google+, in general everybody is connected through the World Wide Web and exchanging personal data. In this talk I like to address the advantages and disadvantages of Social Networks. Are Social Networks evil or do they help us to enhance our digital and virtual life?
Furthermore a look to an upcoming and growing generation (often called net generation) will be done and how they are dealing with Facebook & Co. The talk concludes with some interesting facts, mainly the change of the whole human society through mobile technologies with mobile Internet access.

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