[conference] I-KNOW ’08

Die heurige I-KNOW ’08 findet von 3-5 September 2008 (Graz) statt. Der generelle Call for Papers befindet sich hier.
Besonders einladen darf ich zum “Special Track on Knowledge Sharing using Social Media” dessen Programm Komitee ich auch angehöre:

Against the background of real world applications of Social Media, KSS ’08 tries to find answers to the following guiding research questions:

  • How is Social Media applied at the interface between enterprise and customers or partners?
  • Which factors facilitate and impede the successful implementation of Social Media?
  • Which Social Media applications are most promising for what purpose?
  • What are the approaches in introducing Social Media?
  • How is Social Media integrated with semantic technologies and to what purpose?

The special track will bring together international researchers as well as practitioners from different organisations who will have plenty of time for networking and real-world knowledge sharing.

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