[publication]The Development of Two Math E-Learning Systems for Primary School Children in Android #tugraz #mlearning #research

Our publication titled “The Development of Two Math E-Learning Systems for Primary School Children in Android” for the EDMedia and Innovative Learning 2023 conference is now online available:

Abstract: Electronic learning, with all its different variations, approaches and applications, is a very relevant topic in today’s education. E-Learning is a wide field, as it affects classes in school as well as training scenarios for adult persons. This work describes the development of two E-Learning systems: EinMalEins Trainer and Division Trainer. Both applications are part of the learning lab of Graz University of Technology. This document sums up the theoretical background of the development process as well as the realization. A lot of emphasis in this work laid on applying different testing methods, therefore thinking aloud testing as well as automated testing are handled more deeply. The methodology behind these methods is explained and the results are presented.

[Preprint @ ResearchGate]
[Publication @ Publisher’s homepage]

Reference: Plieschnegger, M., Wachtler, J. & Ebner, M. (2023). The Development of Two Math E-Learning Systems for Primary School Children in Android. In T. Bastiaens (Ed.), Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning (pp. 798-810). Vienna, Austria: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). Retrieved July 19, 2023 from https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/222581/

[master] Math trainer as a chatbot via system(push) messages for Android #tugraz #research #chatbot

Mirza defended successfully his master thesis about “Math trainer as a chatbot via system(push) messages for Android”. Find here his final slides:

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[publication] Math Trainer as a Chatbot Via System (Push) Messages for Android #education #TechnologyEnhancedLearning

Our research titled “Math Trainer as a Chatbot Via System (Push) Messages for Android” got published in the newest issue of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies.

In the recent years, as technology grew, so did the chatbot technology. More and more companies and people are using and reaping the benefits from them. This paper shows how a chatbot for mathematical tasks, named mathbot, was developed. The chatbot uses mathematical exercises from the “Schulapps” of the LearningLab of Graz, University of Technology and combines them with textual questions to provide a useful utility for practicing. It is shown that such a chatbot could be useful for pupils and teachers by evaluating a test run in an elementary school.

[publication @ journal’s homepage]
[publication @ researchgate]

Reference: Kabiljagić, M., Wachtler, J., Ebner, M., & Ebner, M. (2022). Math Trainer as a Chatbot Via System (Push) Messages for Android. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 16(17), pp. 75–87. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijim.v16i17.33351

[app] iMooX Coach App #imoox #app

iMooX Coach App

Die iMooX Coach App ist nun fertig und online verfügbar. Das Ziel der App ist nicht (!) die Online-Kurse von iMooX.at via App zugänglich zu machen, da diese sowieso über den Browser möglich ist. Es ist vielmehr die Idee eines Lerntagebuchs und soll beim Lernen mit einem MOOC gezielt unterstützen:

Die App behält einen Überblick über alle Ihre aktuellen Kurse, Termine und anstehenden Kurse. Außerdem kann die App, sofern Sie dies zulassen, Ihnen Benachrichtigungen und Erinnerungen schicken. Durch das eigene Hinzufügen von Terminen, Lernzielen und Notizen können Sie spielerisch Ihren Lernfortschritt antreiben. Laden Sie jetzt die iMoox Coach App runter und behalten Sie Ihre Kurse als auch Ihren Lernfortschritt immer im Überblick.

[iMooX Coach App für iOS]
[iMooX Coack App für Android]

[presentation] School Start Screening Tool #edil21 #research #tugraz

We were happy to present yesterday our research about “School Start Screening Tool” at this year “EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2021” conference.

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[app] TU Graz Search #android #app #development

Im Rahmen einer Bachelorarbeit wurde die Android App “TU Graz Search” überarbeitet bzw. eigentlich neu programmiert. Sie steht ab sofort zum Download bereit:

TU Graz Search App

TU Graz Search enables you to quickly search and find the most important information at Graz University of Technology. This search app includes the following categories:

• people,
• lecture halls and rooms,
• departments and service units,
• lectures,
• exams,
• research publications,
• library catalogue,
• events,
• news (RSS feeds), and
• web-sites.

Moreover, it is possible to add people to your contacts on you Android device or to contact them directly.

This app requires a connection to the Internet.

Google Play Store

[Download TU Graz Search App – Android]

[master] Development of a learning diary for a MOOC platform #app

Markus did his masterthesis about “Development of a learning diary for a MOOC platform” and developed the iMooX Coach.
Here you can find his slides for the defense:

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[app] 1×1 Trainer #tugraz #math #ios #android

Wir haben den 1×1 Trainer grundlegend überarbeitet und mit Handschrifterkennung ausgestattet. Die iOS-Version für iPhone und iPad gibt es schon länger [iOS-Version], nun ist es aber auch die Android-Version verfügbar. Ab sofort können die Kinder also auch dort die Zahlen per Finger eingeben und wir hoffen so, dass es noch einfacher wird mit der App umzugehen. Die Registierung kann direkt in der App oder auch über unsere LearningLab gemacht werden.

The 1×1 Trainer App with handwriting recognition is supposed to help children with learning multiplication tables. The numbers can be written with the finger.

[Link zur iOS-App]
[Link zur Android-App]

[app] Plus-Minus Trainer #tugraz #learninglab

Es gibt wieder eine neue App im LearningLab der TU Graz – einen Plus-Minus-Trainer für Android-Endgeräte.

Plus-Minus Trainer is a learning software enabling children practicing additions and subtractions on a device running Android.
Multiple training modes are provided for this cause:

  • Online mode: Exercise written addition and subtraction. Tasks and Solutions are retrieved and respectively saved from a web server, located at https://schule.learninglab.tugraz.at/plusminus/.
  • Following modes do not need internet access. The difficulty of the randomly generated tasks can be changed in the application’s settings:
    • Plus-Minus mode: Solving of randomly generated written additions or subtractions.
    • Speed mode: Solving of randomly generated calculations within a timebox of 60 seconds including a high score list.
    • Tree mode: Solving of three randomly generated Calculations connected by a calculation tree.
    • Analogy mode: Solving of similar tasks (e.g. 5+2 and 2+5)
    • Symbolic addition: Solving of simple inline additions with auxiliary symbols.
    • Symbolic subtraction: Solving of simple inline subtractions with auxiliary symbols.

[Download app for free in Google play store]

[app] Multiplication Trainer #app #android #tugraz #trainer

We are happy to announce another learning app – the multiplication trainer for android. It is part of our math-trainer applications, which you can find here.

An educative game where you train your multiplication skills.
You can challenge your skills offline, and to play online, you need to create an account on “Learning Apps TUGraz” ( https://schule.learninglab.tugraz.at/ ).
With each correct or incorrect answer, you will be prompted with feedback from the server that generated the assignment.
It will either congratulate you or tell you the right answer if you failed to give one.
The server keeps track of your personal statistics and gives you challenges appropriate to the skill level that you previously demonstrated.
The better you are, the harder is the challenge.

[App @ Google-Play-Store]