Special Issue: MashUps for Learning

We are very happy that we can announce that the Special Issue on „MahsUps for Learning“ is now published (open access). Togehter with Sandra and Ralf the results of our Workshop at last year ICL Conference are online available:

The special track “Mashups for Learning” (MASHL 2009) took place within the “International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning” (ICL 2009) in Villach, Austria. Personal Learning Environments (PLE) are the application type for mashing up learning services. We asked for contributions for an increasing research field. MASHL 2009 provided an excellent space for discussions in order to improve the learning and teaching routines of tomorrow. This special issue consists of the outcomes of this intensive process with international experts.

Enjoy the papers and we are looking forward to your feedback.

[CfP] The PLE Conference

I like to announce the Call for Papers for the first „PLE Conference“ in Barcelona, Spain this year.

Personal Learning Environments (PLE) include the tools, communities, and services that constitute the individual educational platforms learners use to direct their own learning and pursue educational goals. The idea of the PLE represents a shift away from the model in which students consume information through independent channels such as the library, a textbook, or an LMS, moving instead to a model where students draw connections from a growing matrix of resources that they select and organize. Because they emphasize relationships, PLEs can promote authentic learning by incorporating expert feedback into learning activities and resources. A PLE also puts students in charge of their own learning processes, challenging them to reflect on the tools and resources that help them learn best. By design, a PLE is created from self-direction, and therefore the responsibility for organization—and thereby for learning—rests with the learner ….

[recording] Second Online Round Table on „Personal Learning Environment“

educamp_logoThe recording of the second Online Round Table is now online available. Thanks again to our great speackers, Erik Duval and Ralf Klamma, for their exciting talks.
The slides are also online:

  • Erik Duval on „Learning is Personal – The Snowflake Effect“

  • Ralf Klamma on „No country on old men“

[publication] Personal Learning Environments for Higher Education: A Mashup Based Widget Concept

Our paper about “Personal Learning Environment for Higher Education – A MashUp Based Widget Concept” within the MUPPLE 09 Workshop at this year ECTEL conference is now online available (presentation).

Due to the enormous growth of distributed applications, services, tools and resources, it is not easy for end users to come across existing services, manage and use them in a matter which is customized according to their personal needs. Mashups can be a very interesting approach to overcome challenges of distributed (unknown) services. Using mashups in a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) can help to connect resources and applications in one environment customized to the needs of individual users. In this paper a first approach and the concept of a PLE especially for higher education is described. The technological concept is introduced and design issues are pointed out as well as the first prototype is described.

Reference:Taraghi, B.; Ebner, M.; Schaffert, S. (2009) Personal Learning Environment for Higher Education – A MashUp Based Widget Concept, Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Mashup Personal Learning Environments (MUPPLE09), Nice, France, 2009, ISSN 1613-0073, Vol-506, https://ceur-ws.org/Vol-506/

Online Round Table on „Personal Learning Environment“

educamp_logoI am happy that we can invite to the second Online Round Table on „Personalization and Learning“ which will lead to the upcoming EduCamp Event in Graz, Austria (November, 6-7):

The first online event is on Thursday October 8. Erik Duval and Ralf Klamma will be our guest speakers. They will guide us through an informal discussion around ‘Personal Learning Environments and how we learn in future’, a topic that will certainly generate a lively debate. Make sure to contribute to it too. 😉 We look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

The details about the speakers, their talks as well as how you will be able to contribute you will find here.

[publication] Personal Learning Environment – A Conceptual Study

Our publication about „Personal Learning Environment – A Conceptual Study“ at the Special Track on „MashUps for Learning (MASHL09)“ within the ICL 2009 conference is now online available.

The influence of digital technologies as well as the World Wide Web on education rises dramatically. In former years Learning Management Systems (LMS) were introduced on educational institutes to address the needs both their institutions and their lecturers. Nowadays a shift from an institution-centred approach to a learner- centred one becomes necessary to allow individuality through the learning process and to think about learning strategies in general. In this paper a first approach of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) is described. The technological concept is pointed out as well as a study about the graphical user-interface done at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz). It can be concluded that PLEs are the next generation environments, which help to improve the learning and teaching behaviour.

Reference:Taraghi, B., Ebner, M., Till, G., Mühlburger, H. (2009) Personal Learning Environment – A Conceptual Study, International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL 2009), Villach, AT