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[poster] TUGLL Plug-ins: Special Needs for a University Wide Blogosphere

Today we present during the poster session of the triple-i conference in graz our short paper about „TUGLL Plug-ins: Special Needs for a University Wide Blogosphere„.
We introduce to our ELGG-based TU Graz LearnLand which is used university-wide and point out our own developments:

TUGLL is the campus wide blogosphere used by students and staff at Graz University of Technology since october 2006. It bases on ELGG which is an open source networking engine designed to
handle common web applications and social functionality. Users can establish digital identities and connect with other users, collaborate with them and discover new resources through their
connections. Following plug-ins and extension were implemented to enhance the blogosphere with “special needs”by department of social learning after a year of experience.

Here you can get the poster (.pdf, 6.1MB). The short paper will follow soon.

Beni’s talk can be seen here – I streamed it live via QIK:


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  2. Jana sagt:

    martin, habe dich auf der triple i gesehen und folge dir jetzt auf 12seconds (anajemstaht) – wo sind wir uns begegnet? microlearning 2007? semantic web company?

  3. Martin sagt:

    hi jana,

    es müsst die microlearning 2007 gewesen sein, da war ich auch … btw, ich folge dir schon auf twitter 🙂

  4. Jana sagt:

    Ja, es war glaube Microlearning 2007. Die Barcodepräsentation sieht super aus – irgendwie gehe ich immer in die falschen Sessions#-)

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