[article] Weaving Social E-learning Platforms Into The Web of Linked Data

My colleague Behnam Taraghi and his friend also contributed to this year i-Know Conference and presented a publication on “Weaving Social E-learning Platforms Into the Web of Linked Data“. I think who is interested in this topic it’s worth to take a look.

In this paper we present an approach for interlinking and RDFising social e-Learning Web 2.0 platforms like ELGG based on semantic tagging and Linked Data principles. A special module called SID (Semantically Interlinked Data) was developed to allow existing tagged and published user generated content an easy entrance into the Web of Data and to enrich it semantically on the other hand. Our approach uses commonly known vocabularies (FOAF, SIOC, MOAT and Tag Ontology) for modelling and generation tasks along with DBPedia as reference dataset for interlinking.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this paper. It looks very interesting. However, I find it really hard to read papers on scribd (ads + can’t see the whole page at a readable resolution at once). Do you have a PDF version? I don’t see the I-KNOW conference proceedings online yet.

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