Center for Research in Computer Science on Teaching and Learning

Due to our strong research in technology enhanced learning and beyond at Graz University of Technology the “Center for Research in Computer Science on Teaching and Learning (CCSTL)” has been founded. Here all activities in the area of computer science in relation to teaching and learning are listed as well as all groups working on it.
My contribution is mainly to the “e-Learning Software Development Group” which follows the idea to develop software, bring it to the learner, gather experiences and redevelop according to their needs.

The group concentrates its research activity on

  • Novel architectural and technological solutions for e-Learning such as Ajax, Reverse Ajax, Cloud Computing, Web Services, Content Delivery, WEB API and similar.
  • Educational content authoring, structuring and reusing such as eBooks, Semantic & Logical Hypermedia Composites, SCORM, etc.
  • New eLearning scenarios such as Life Long Learning, MOOCs and training on the working place.

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