[paper accepted] ICL 2008

Mandy Schiefner und ich haben einen Beitrag über “Weblogs, more than just a toy? or Should I keep a e-Portfolio for my PhD study?” für die heurige ICL 2008 in Villach verfasst und dieser wurde angenommen.

Abstract der Publikation:

Weblogs have a great potential to support doctoral studies. By the integration of weblogs in this phase of ones study students have the opportunity to support their self-directed learning process over a long period of time: they resort to a memory-pool of information and ideas, they have an opportunity of metacognition and reflection and they have the opportunity of a discourse with the scientific community. Furthermore a weblog is a great chance to gain reputation in an early phase of the doctoral study. In this article some ideas about weblogs in doctoral studies are argued.

Also dann bis zur ICL 🙂 .

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