[publication] Will e-Learning die?

Will eLearning die?I wrote toegether with Mandy Schiefner an article about the future of e-Learning one year ago – now the article is published as chapter of the book “E-Learning: 21st Century Issues and Challenges“. Here you will find the draft-version.

The World Wide Web is currently changing dramatically. The buzzword Web 2.0 describes how we deal with the Internet. “The user is the content” is one of the famous descriptions. Users create their own (learning) content by blogging, podcasting or producing mashups. Of course the innovations summed up with the word Web 2.0 influence the traditional e-learning world.
In this paper we focus on how learning will change in the future. The combination of traditional research work combined with emerging technologies lead to an assumption of the learning behaviour of tomorrow. Will today’s teaching soon be a matter of the past? How will a lecture looks like by integrating emerging technologies? We conclude that information anytime and anywhere influences the world of digital natives arbitrarily and causes the death of e-Learning in present sense. Using computer and mobile technologies for learning purposes will be as normal as writing a letter with pencil

Reference for citation: Ebner, M. and Schiefner, M. (2008) Will E-Learning die?;in: E-Learning: 21st Century Issues and Challenges, Audrey R. Lipshitz and Steven P. Parsons (Ed.), Nova Publishers, pp. 69-82, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-60456-156-2

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