[publication] Security Privacy Challenges in E-Learning 2.0

Zusammen mit Edgar Weippl von der TU Wien habe ich einen Beitrag über Security und E-Learning 2.0 für die heurige E-Learn Conference erstellt.

E-Learning 2.0 uses Web 2.0 tools for e-learning. New services on the Internet can be
swiftly integrated into existing applications; students can create MashUps, for instance, using a
variety of services on the Internet. The main risk comes from the fact that students and teachers are
not entirely aware that their institution does not control these services. The servers are located in a
variety of countries, thus privacy laws also differ. In addition, as most Web applications are built as
three-tier architectures, typical security weaknesses exist, such as invalid input, a lack of server-
side checks, and excessive privileges

Referenz: Weippl, E., Ebner, E. (2008) Security Privacy Challenges in E-Learning 2.0, Proceedings of E-Learn 2008, Las Vegas, p. 4001-4007, 2008
Hier gibt es die Publikation.

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