Special Issue: Learning Analytics #jucs

Our Special Issue about Learning Analytics is published within the Journal of Universal Computer Science. We like to thank all authors and reviewers for their valuable work. All readers we wish an enjoyable reading experience.

Already back in 2006 Retalis et al. proposed their first thoughts on Learning Analytics (LA) and considered interaction analysis as a promising way to better understand the learner’s behavior. A couple of years later, further activities were organized; especially Siemens and Long predicted that the most important factor shaping the future of higher education would be big data and analytics. Just few months later, the Horizon Report also described Learning Analytics as a big trend for the forthcoming years. Since then a number of conferences (for example LAK 11, LAK 12, …) have been organized and different projects have been started as well as the topic has been rising on Google trends. The number of research publications has also increased arbitrarily in different directions; for instance to define the upcoming research field, to gather practical experiences or simply to confine LA from other topics (especially from Educational Data Mining (EDM)) …

Table of Content:

Reference: Ebner, M., Kinshuk, Wohlhart, D., Taraghi, B., Kumar, V. (2015) Editorial: Learning Analytics J.UCS Special Issue, Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. 21, no. 1 (2015), 1-6

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