[publication] Lessons Learned when transferring Learning Analytics Interventions across Institutions #lak18 #research

Our publication at this year LAK18-conference about “Lessons Learned when transferring Learning Analytics Interventions across Institutions” is now online available.


Learning Analytics is a promising research field, which is advancing quickly. Therefore, it finally impacts research, practice, policy, and decision making in the field of education. Nonetheless, there are still influencing obstacles when establishing Learning Analytics initiatives on higher education level. Besides the much discussed ethical and moral concerns, there is also the matter of data privacy. In 2015, the European collaboration project STELA started with the main goal to enhance the Successful Transition from secondary to higher Education by means of Learning Analytics. Together, the partner universities develop, test, and assess Learning Analytics approaches that focus on providing feedback to students. Some promising approaches are then shared between the partner universities. Therefore, the transferability of the Learning Analytics initiatives is of great significance. During the duration of our project, we found a variety of difficulties, we had to overcome to transfer one of those Learning Analytics initiatives, the Learning Tracker from one partner to the other. Despite, some of the difficulties can be categorized as small, all of them needed our attention and were time consuming. In this paper, we present the lessons learned while solving these obstacles.

[Full paper @ LAK 2018]

Reference: Leitner, P., Broos, T. & Ebner, M. (2018) Lessons Learned when transferring Learning Analytics Interventions across Institutions. In: Companion Proceedings 8th International Conference on Learning Analytcis & Knowledge. Sydney. pp. 621-629

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