[ijet, journal] Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Vol. 17 / No. 3 #ijet #research

Issue 17(3) of our journal on emerging technologies for learning got published. Enjoy the readings as usual for free :-).

Table of Contents:

  • A Diagnosis Model for College Teachers’ Teaching Ability Based on Big Data and its Evaluation
  • A Student Grouping Method for Massive Online Collaborative Learning
  • Recommendation of Online Learning Resources for Personalized Fragmented Learning Based on Mobile Devices
  • Design of an E-Learning Resource Allocation Model from the Perspective of Educational Equity
  • Teaching Reform and Practice Using the Concept of Outcome-Based Education
  • Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers’ Views on Gamification
  • Gamification Strategy to Support Self-Directed Learning in an Online Learning Environment
  • Nurturing Secondary School Student Computational Thinking Through Educational Robotics
  • Instructor Attribute and Feedback to Empower Mature Learners in ODL Education
  • Student’s Digital Literacy Based on Students’ Interest in Digital Technology, Internet Costs, Gender, and Learning Outcomes
  • A Comparative Study of Gamified and Conventional Online Quizzes
  • Using the Learning Management System “Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment” in Multilingual Education
  • Inconsistency in Information Resources of Modern Education
  • Institutionalizing Technologies in South African Universities towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Impact of Using Flipped Classroom Strategy in Developing the Mathematical Thinking of Pre-Service Teachers in Open Education Systems in Jordan
  • Online Learning and COVID-19 in Higher Education: The Value of IT Models in Assessing Students’ Satisfaction
  • Factors Affecting the Deployment of Learning Analytics in Developing Countries: Case of Egypt
  • Infrastructure Capacity Planning in Digitalization of Educational Services

[Link to Issue 17/3]

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become a reviewer for the journal, please just contact me 🙂 .

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