Mobility in Education at EduCamp Graz

educamp_logoWe are very proud to be able to announce the topic of our keynote “Mobility in Education” at this year EduCamp here in Graz.

Detailed Information

Educational content creation, distribution and access is key to 21st century learning. At the same time mobility is a fact of modern life style and therefore a requirement for technologies around e-learning. We are going to present the value on Mobility in Education.

Venue Details:

Topic: Mobility in Education
Date: Friday 06, 2009 / 14.00 (CEST) / HS i7 / Inffeldgasse 25 / TU Graz
Moderation: Martin Ebner
Link to Venue and Registration: Time Table of EduCamp Graz
Registration: Link
Details:: EduCamp Graz

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