[publication] Automated Podcasting System for Universities

The whole podcasting team of our departemt has published our new experiences and developments about our podcasting activities. The publication titled “Automated Podcasting System for Universities” is now published in the new issue of the International Journal of Emerging Technologies for Learning (iJET). Get here the FULL PAPER (you have to register for open access on the plattform).

This paper presents the results achieved at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in the field of automat-
ing the process of recording and publishing university lectures in a very new way. It outlines cornerstones of the
development and integration of an automated recording system such as the lecture hall setup, the recording hard-
ware and software architecture as well as the development of a text-based search for the final product by method of
indexing video podcasts. Furthermore, the paper takes a look at didactical aspects, evaluations done in this context
and future outlook.

Reference: Grigoriadis, Y., Stickel, C., Nagler, W., Ebner, M., Schön, M. (2013) Automated Podcasting System for Universities, International Journal of Emerging Technologies for Learning (iJET), Vol. 8, 1 (2013), p. 24-32 [.pdf]

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