[CfP] Handbook of Research on Digital Tools for Seamless Learning #CfP #elearning #research

Toegehter with my colleague I would like to invite you to write a contribution to our forthcoming book on “Handbook of Research on Digital Tools for Seamless Learning“:

The world is becoming a mobigital virtual space where people can learn and teach digitally anywhere and anytime. Emerging mobile technologies like wearables make the transformation even faster. In other words, more and more education is happening outside from schools or universities through technology. We as educators and scholars should ask especially for technological solutions supporting teaching and learning outside formal institutions. The book intends to offer the readers precise definitions about emerging technologies, with a strong focus on how they are/can be used for education via ground works, field studies and case studies.

If you are interested in it, please go to this website for more details: [Propose a Chapter]
Deadline is 15th of September, if you need more time let me know: [E-Mail]

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