[app] Plus-Minus Trainer #tugraz #learninglab

Es gibt wieder eine neue App im LearningLab der TU Graz – einen Plus-Minus-Trainer für Android-Endgeräte.

Plus-Minus Trainer is a learning software enabling children practicing additions and subtractions on a device running Android.
Multiple training modes are provided for this cause:

  • Online mode: Exercise written addition and subtraction. Tasks and Solutions are retrieved and respectively saved from a web server, located at https://schule.learninglab.tugraz.at/plusminus/.
  • Following modes do not need internet access. The difficulty of the randomly generated tasks can be changed in the application’s settings:
    • Plus-Minus mode: Solving of randomly generated written additions or subtractions.
    • Speed mode: Solving of randomly generated calculations within a timebox of 60 seconds including a high score list.
    • Tree mode: Solving of three randomly generated Calculations connected by a calculation tree.
    • Analogy mode: Solving of similar tasks (e.g. 5+2 and 2+5)
    • Symbolic addition: Solving of simple inline additions with auxiliary symbols.
    • Symbolic subtraction: Solving of simple inline subtractions with auxiliary symbols.

[Download app for free in Google play store]

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