[ijet, journal] Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning Vol. 15 / No. 6 #ijet #research

Issue 15(6) of our journal on emerging technologies for learning got published. Enjoy the readings as usual for free :-).

Table of Contents:

  • Mind Mapping in Learning Models: A Tool to Improve Student Metacognitive Skills
  • A Data Mining Method for Students’ Behavior Understanding
  • Web Application to Support the Learning of Programming Through the Graphic Visualization of Programs
  • Mobile Multimedia Education for Language Disorders
  • Integration of e-Learning for Mathematics on Resource- Based Learning: Increasing Mathematical Creative Thinking and Self-Confidence
  • Curriculum Data Association Organization and Knowledge Management Method for Unstructured Learning Resources
  • Artificial Intelligence in Autism Assessment
  • Transforming English Language Education in Saudi Arabia: Why Does Technology Matter?
  • Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge of ESP Teachers in Blended Learning Format
  • Application of Computer-Based Auto Accompaniment in Music Education
  • Five Stars Teaching Mode of Sports Training Based on APP Microcourse
  • Phet Simulation as Means to Trigger the Creative Thinking Skills of Physics Concepts
  • Special Education: Teaching Geometry with ICTs
  • The Effect of Problem-Based Learning with Character Emphasis toward Students’ Higher-Order Thinking Skills and Characters
  • Formation and Open Access of Institutional Electronic Research Corners for Promotion of Communication Facilities and Quality Research

[Link to Issue 15/06]

Nevertheless, if you are interested to become a reviewer for the journal, please just contact me :-).

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