[mooc] Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality #imoox #nuernberg #restart

It’s a pleasure to announce the restart of the free online-course (MOOC) on “Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality” which starts today on our platform iMooX.at:

This MOOC on Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality gives you an overview on the possibilities of working with AR in a peer learning setting in Higher Education (Pear Learning). The course focusses on low end technology that is easily purchased and that demands no coding. In minor parts, it introduces the work with high end technology, as well. You will learn about the peer to peer pedagogy, a pedagogical strategy on peer learning with AR including an assessment tool for teachers, and you will design your own small AR experience for a peer learning setting.

Of cours the MOOC is as usual for free – just feel welcome to register [Link to registration page]

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