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[iphone App] TU Graz Search

Die erste App der heurigen Vorlesung „AK Medientechnologien – iPhone Development“ ist ab sofort im App-Store verfügbar. Es ist die Suche in den Inhalten der Technischen Universität Graz und nennt sich TU Graz Search:

TU Graz Search enables you to quickly search and find the most important information at Graz University of Technology. This search app includes the following categories:

  • people,
  • lecture halls and rooms,
  • departments and service units,
  • lectures,
  • exams,
  • research publications,
  • library catalogue,
  • events,
  • news (RSS feeds), and
  • web-sites.

Moreover, it is possible to add people to contacts on you iOS device of to contact them diretly. This app requires a connection to the Internet.
You can access similar functionality with your web browser at https://search.tugraz.at/.

Hier kann die App downgeloadet werden [Link] und alle weiteren verfügbaren Apps der TU Graz findet man hier [iTunes Link].

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