[publication] Playing a Game in Civil Engineering

Our this year publication on “Playing a Game in Civil Engineering” at ICL 2011 conference is now online available as Draft version. The slides were already published here.

The goal of our research work was to find out whether in-depth learning of complex theoretical engineering knowledge at higher education level could be improved by the use of online games. In this context we addressed the research question to what extent online games contribute to the students learnin goutcome. The corresponding online game was used for the first time during a lecture on Structural Analysis at bachelor’s level with 159 students of the third semester. We used a pre-/post-testdesign with questionnaires and an independent online tracking. As a result we can point out that playing the game did not increase the learning outcome per se and the didactical scenario should be reconsidered. Nevertheless, the usage of the game for learning purposes was underlined by the oral feedback given which says that students enjoyed playing the game more than learning in a traditional way.

Playing a Game in Civil Engineering The Internal Force Master for Structural Analysis

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Reference: Zechner, J.; Ebner, M. (2011), Playing a Game in Civil Engineering. – in: 14th International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2011) ̶ 11th International Conference Virtual University (vu’11). (2011), S. 417 – 422

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